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Dealing With Web Design Challenges?

If any of these challenges sound familiar to you, meet CretMark. Our design professionals have worked with clients across a variety of industries to solve these same issues, delivering beautiful responsive website designs that convert customers into sales!

Poor Conversion Rates
Poor Conversion Rates
High Bounce Rates
High Bounce Rates
Slow Page Loading Speeds
Slow Page Loading Speeds
Poor Search Rankings
Poor Search Rankings
High Shopping Cart Abandonment
High Shopping Cart Abandonment
Low Customer Engagement
Low Customer Engagement
Low Average Time on Site
Low Average Time on Site
Current Design Not on Brand
Current Design Not on Brand
Difficult to Use CMS
Difficult to Use CMS

What Our Web Design Services Include

Our design experts believe in offering a hassle-free design process. They will work tirelessly to create a beautiful website design that provides an exceptional online experience for your customers. Your improved digital presence is one more step towards online success!

Custom Web Design
check icon Responsive Web Design
check icon SEO Friendly
check icon Professional Designers
check icon User-Focused Layout
check icon Conversion Optimization
Custom Web Development
check icon WordPress CMS
check icon All Popular Ecommerce Platforms
check icon Page Speed Optimized
check icon Premium Licenses
check icon Best SEO Practices
Hosting & Maintenance
check icon Superior WordPress Hosting
check icon Monthly Maintenance Packages
check icon Content & Image Updates
check icon Support Desk
check icon Daily Website Backups

What to Expect With Your Web Design Project

Our design and development teams are regularly re-certified at the highest level; always learning the latest technologies and design techniques. The team’s design strategy revolves around your target audience, developing amazing user experiences, and growing your online revenue!

  • 01.
    Our team will have an introductory discovery call with you to ensure that our vision for the project is in line with your goals. We will discuss your design preferences, project requirements, and address any other questions pertaining to your project.
  • 02.
    Our team members allocated to this project will set aside time to plan for the project based on the discovery phase. Our team will use this collaborative time to discuss user experience, design solutions, and brainstorm ways to make the site stand out among its competition.
  • 03.
    Once the details of the project have been ironed out, the design team will begin working on the art files for the project. A mockup of each unique page template will be created. Additional mockups can be requested if necessary and the proper adjustments will be made to the project scope. Once the design is complete, there will be a design meeting to present the concept and address any immediate concerns or questions. After the meeting, we will provide links to the design and allow you to review internally.
  • 04.
    Once approved, there will be an internal handoff meeting to ensure a collaborative effort and confirm that all aspects of the design are understood. CretMark will convert files into functional website files in addition to migrating and/or implementing the website content.
  • 05.
    QA & Client Review
    To ensure that the project is up to our standards, there will be an internal review process in which several members of the team test and scrutinize the site’s code base. Any necessary adjustments will be made so that the site can then be handed off for final client review.
  • 06.
    Launch & Training
    With final approval, the process of launching the site can begin. After completion, our team will schedule a call to train your team on website functionality.
Creative & Quality Design

The design of your new website includes color scheme, layout, fonts, architecture, and many other small details. It needs to look good, but also practical and easy to use.

Thorough Consultation
Thorough Consultation
We make it a priority to learn about our client’s needs, likes, dislikes, and any ideas they may have for the website before crafting a blueprint for development.
Capturing the Vision
Capturing the Vision
After an initial consultation, our team goes to the drawing board and creates several distinctive design concepts provide different vibes based on your wants.
Conversion Considerations
Conversion Considerations
We build professional websites that engage people. We incorporate clear paths for users to take to ensure they convert for your business.
Designed & Built with SEO in Mind

Your website design can affect your SEO and your online presence. The search engine robots need to be able to navigate and index your site appropriately.

Strong Website Architecture
Strong Website Architecture
During the design blueprint, we make sure your website is easy to navigate. This allows for search engines to fully digest the site and index it appropriately.
Content Creation
Content Creation
You have to make sure you have high quality, unique content on your website that is easy to read. We ensure your website design compliments your content.
Speed and Bounce Rates
Speed and Bounce Rates
Google has made it clear one metric they look at when ranking a website is the user experience. We ensure the load time of the site is quick and bounce rates are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our professional web design services? Browse our FAQs:

What is it?

A website is an online brochure for your business and the design not only includes the way the website looks, but making sure that the site is easy to navigate, has an appropriate load time, and has a layout that will keep people on-site.

Why start?

The look and feel of your website is your first chance at a lasting impression. Your business deserves a professional high performance website that is so appealing to your customers that they feel compelled to purchase your product or service.

How does the process work?

For most web design services, we follow a 6 step approach that includes: Discovery Call, Preliminary Research & Strategic Planning, Concepts/Revisions, Programming, Quality Assurance, and ultimately Site Launch. We are big believers in customer transparency, which is why they are kept in the loop throughout the entire process. We strive to make sure that our clients are happy with the final product and will do what it takes to accomplish that.

How long does a project typically take?

We strive to make sure that our clients are happy with the final product and will do what it takes to accomplish that. Because of this, we have a 5 step approach to our process. This 5 steps are: strategic planning, concept generation, front end programming, quality assurance testing, and finally launch. The timeframes to complete these steps are based solely on the size of the project and functionality being requested so it depends on several factors.

What makes CretMark different?

There are many great web design companies, however we are different because we design and develop websites with SEO and the consumer in mind. What good is a website if it can’t be found? Not only do we want an aesthetically pleasing website, but we want a website that has a chance to rank and convert. With user engagement playing a larger role in SEO it is more important than ever that your website has the elements needed to be successful.

What does a typical website cost?

All website design/development projects by us are done custom based on the client’s needs. We don’t take a pre-built website template and edit it to fit a mold. Because of this, it is almost impossible to quote a price of a website. After we have an initial discovery call, we are able to perform research and put together a proposal to design and build out a website matching every need you have. Most projects start at $10k and go up from there depending on the complexity and functionality requested.

What design and development tools do you typically use?

More often than not, our design work is done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and our development work is done using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Foundation and MySQL. For most content-driven sites, we prefer to build on the WordPress content management system. While we do have our favorites, our team has a diverse range of skills that allows us to adapt to fit the needs of just about any project.

Do you offer web hosting?

We believe in transparency and giving the clients the control. Unlike other companies that tie you to their proprietary CMS and charge you a monthly hosting fee, we like to give you the freedom to choose. We offer options where we can host and monitor your website, or we can set the website up on your own hosting account.