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Logo, Branding & Graphics

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Logo, Branding & Graphics for Interior Designer

Logo Design:

  • Embrace elegant and sophisticated symbols.
  • Use stylish, contemporary fonts.
  • Choose a color palette reflecting creativity and sophistication.


  • Craft a mission statement emphasizing creativity and client satisfaction.
  • Highlight a unique design approach or signature style.
  • Maintain a cohesive visual identity across all materials.


  • Design visually stunning portfolios showcasing diverse projects.
  • Create captivating social media visuals displaying design aesthetics.
  • Ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly website design.
  • Develop business cards and stationery with a touch of creativity.

Logo, Branding & Graphics for Architects

Logo Design:

  • Incorporate sleek and modern architectural symbols.
  • Choose clean and bold fonts for a professional look.
  • Opt for a color palette that reflects innovation and sophistication.


  • Craft a mission statement emphasizing architectural excellence and innovation.
  • Highlight a unique design philosophy or approach.
  • Maintain a consistent visual identity across all branding materials.


  • Design visually compelling project portfolios showcasing architectural expertise.
  • Create engaging social media graphics featuring architectural elements.
  • Ensure a sleek and functional website design with a focus on projects.

Logo, Branding & Graphics for Real Estate

Logo Design:

  • Choose symbols of trust and stability.
  • Opt for clean, modern fonts.
  • Use a versatile color palette.


  • Craft a compelling mission statement.
  • Highlight a unique selling proposition.
  • Maintain a consistent visual identity and brand voice.


  • Design attractive marketing collateral.
  • Create eye-catching social media graphics.
  • Ensure a user-friendly website design.
  • Develop effective property signage.

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With over 5 years of expertise, Cretmark is a dynamic team of creatives specializing in photography and videography for real estate developers, interior designers, and architects. Our skilled team is passionate about bringing your projects to life through stunning visuals that capture the essence of your creations. Elevate your brand with Cretmark – where experience meets innovation, and our dedicated team is committed to delivering visuals that speak volumes.

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Cretmark elevates your brand with both Instagram Reels and YouTube videos. We understand the art of visual storytelling, and our expert team is dedicated to showcasing your designs in the best light.

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